Children's Medical Group

Symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19)???

In the attempt to not overwhelm the hospital systems during this time, please call us if you have any concerns about your child. We are trying as a community to decrease exposures in waiting rooms and to streamline office and hospital visits as much as possible.
Following current recommendations from the CDC and taking into account current availability of coronavirus (COVID-19) testing kits in our area, we recommend the following:
• For any concerns of possible exposure to COVID-19 and you have mild symptoms, stay home for 14 days and treat with Tylenol, hydration, and monitor symptoms.
** Studies have shown that 80% of individuals that tested positive have had excellent outcomes with only supportive treatment at home. **
• If the symptoms worsen, and you begin to become concerned, call us and we will help direct you to the appropriate hospital.
We want our families to have peace of mind knowing we will do everything we can to provide the best care possible. As a reminder, we are offering TeleHealth visits. This is a convenient treatment by one of our physicians via FaceTime or phone call. You can be at ease knowing it is secure and HIPPA compliant. The TeleHealth option gives us the opportunity to treat your child without coming into the office and increasing your chance of exposure.